image ©Becca Harris


Tell me

What do you remember

Out there?

Out there and in here

In your mind

What does your mind remember?

What can you say

Say say say speak


What do you remember?

Your memories, are they in time?

Are we in time?

No no no time is gone



Are we out of time?

I wonder, if we should go back

Back there

That place outside of us and


Always here hear here

And then screams

Here hear I hear screams here

That scream

That noise she used to make

If I were to scream it would sound the same and

We would scream the same



In my head rattling and

In my limbs limbs that are hollow

It rattles rattling and screeching

In my head

My head my mind I remember

I’m sorry





What do you remember?

Screams rattling

What do you remember?

1 Comment on Aftermath

  1. The jumps and starts captured a sense of hurt. For me it wasn’t urgency but the secondhand feeling of remembering urgency. All the questions and jagged imagery painted an inner discord and the consequence of allowing it to come out.

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