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Explore your creative side and experience working with a variety of new materials in a relaxed, friendly and informal environment. Each weekly session will focus on using a different material, [...]


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  • Greeting cards, left blank for your own message, sold on my Etsy shop. For prices and available designs, please click here.  All cards are hand made and original. Materials [...]

Artist Essays

  • He will come to meet me at 3pm It’s time she came home. Ellie Kyungran Heo A reference to technology’s rapid advances that have induced uncompromising bombardment of world news and media exposure, Kill Your Television exists as a compilation of contemporary moving images. Experienced not on a television screen, but in a gallery environment, the humbling of the television in light of its [...]
  • As an Artist – ‘Artists are driven to do what they do no matter what. It’s a very powerful ambition and they pursue it in whatever way works best for them… in my experience, artists are among the most self-motivated, organised, the most disciplined, and the hardest working people I know… it’s the seriousness of purpose that I admire the most’. Carter E. Foster Being an artist [...]
  • Published on Native Monster Stuart Layton was born and grew up in Wolverhampton, but now lives in Malvern. He graduated from Worcester University last year after studying Fine Art, and is currently studying in London, aiming to complete an MA in the subject.  Stuart Layton’s filmic duo, ‘The Devil’s Haircut’ and ‘The Impossibility of Living in the Present’ undeniably explores [...]
  • I saw this photo of Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon, shortly after reading an article on The Guardian about the smart-phone selfie phenomena that is becoming increasingly popular. The photo appeared on my Facebook feed, with comments like ‘LADS’ and ‘haha they are too cute’. I laughed at the picture too. Is it strange that Butler and Cooper might want to document their [...]

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